About Us

A Brief History of GLEAW Technology LLC

GLEAW Technology LLC was founded in 2009 after successfully completing the early prototype that supported all the technical and functional marketing requirements necessary to deploy GLEAW Code technology. In 2010 that prototype was ported to the Android platform for field testing. That proof of concept prototype spent 4 years in global testing. Among those locations were the USA, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Europe, India, Nepal, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand to name a few. The prototype performed flawlessly and those exact algorithms are used in the product today.

What is a GLEAW Code?

A very brief description of a GLEAW Code is that it provides an address where addresses don’t exist. Our technology sub-divides the earth into named ‘squares’ (each just 8 characters) that can place you within 50 feet of a specific location worldwide. It’s really just that simple. From that basic concept, we add additional features and functions, among them privacy offset, and type-ahead.

GLEAW min app

Our free GLEAW mini app has three primary features. First, it quickly generates that named square, the GLEAW Code. Second, we provide a number utilities in the app that leverage that concise location such as integrating with navigation mapping applications such as Google Maps, share that location using Text Messaging and Email, store it in a Directory for later use, and use our This Way utility that provides a large green arrow pointing to your destination with an approximate distance that works both when you are connected to the web, and when you have no connected services at all. Third, we provide in the app a Web Builder utility that sends an email to an individual, business, or web developer, all that is necessary to put on their web site, or literature, a GLEAW Code. This package includes; our Registered Trademark, a sample showing the preferred presentation for global consistency, a Style Guide, and the license to use everything included.

Use Scenarios

Travel As I’m sure you have experienced going into an unfamiliar city, getting to your hotel can be challenging. It may or may not have a street address that you may or may not be able to understand. The hotel provides a paragraph of turn by turn instructions, which you have to follow after an exhausting flight, in the dark. Now imagine that when you look at the hotel's web site you see our Trademark logo and 8 characters after it. After a little experience you instantly know that this is the true location of your hotel. You save that GLEAW code in the GLEAW mini’s GLEAW Directory for use on arrival. Once you arrive, you go to your Directory, touch your hotels entry (which you could have saved a picture of the hotel), touch Google Map, and off you go with clear driving instructions from Google Maps – that will take you to the hotel entrance, not just the street address that may be shared by many or is some distance to the hotel itself.

Social You’ve found the perfect location on the beach, or cabana in a park. Now you need to communicate that location to your family and friends and put an address in Facebook. Using the Share feature you can easily and quickly distribute that GLEAW Code location via Email and Text. Using the Privacy Offset feature (the code only your family knows) you can securely put that offset GLEAW Code on social media.

Hunter or Hiker You are off in an area that has no phone or web/internet services. You need to communicate your location to your companions to come to you. Using walkie-talkies or a VHF radio and the Verbal GLEAW function you can easily communicate your 8 character position. Using the This Way function that works when off the net, they get a large green arrow that points to the destination (irrespective of phone orientation) and approximate distance.

Car Emergencies Much like the Hunters and Hikers, if you become stranded in an area that is unfamiliar, but you have cell services, you can quickly and accurately communicate your location to others that can provide assistance. They use Map GLEAW defining the route, eliminating guess work about your true location and the worry of potentially driving to the wrong location because of non-existent road signs or other challenging conditions. Also, your distress and anxiety are greatly lowered in this situation because you have confidence that your instructions (the GLEAW Code) accurately define your location, no guesswork.

Other Uses Sometimes the location itself is useful information. 1) Imagine text messages between someone lost and someone looking for them. With a simple Share (or Verbal GLEAW) of one GLEAW Code each, the lost individual and the rescuer can begin heading toward each other using the This Way feature. 2) Agreements with individuals that have a home but no formal government address can now define where they reside, a necessity of any agreement. 3) Hikers can meet at a trailhead (or marshaling way point) defined by a GLEAW Code. 4) You can Share multiple locations with a friend that is going to a city where you have specific knowledge. 5) Hotels can provide a restaurant list with GLEAW Codes that provide direction assistance to the weary traveler. 6) You are in a foreign city with no connected phone service and you want to explore the area or walk to a restaurant. Your winding path leaves you directionally confused, but by using This Way you confidently know you have the direction back to your hotel.

These are just a few of the possibilities that allow you to travel confidently with GLEAW.