GLEAW Rescue DART ( $2.99 - one time only )


Join us in the next generation of rescue location identification and navigation technology. GLEAW Rescue DART (Destination Acquisition via Remote Targeting) advances rescue location technology on our innovative GLEAW Mobility Pro platform.

Using GLEAW Rescue DART any non-technical user can simply point their portable device at any location and in a couple simple and clear steps Save or Share that 'DART'ed remote location with others. This can be accomplished both on or off the net.

Our 'This Way' function (included in mini, Pro, and DART) complements the results from any DARTed location providing directional services both on or off the net. And of course, all our other navigation and mapping functionality found in our other products work fluidly as well. From our GLEAW Mobility Pro platform, GLEAW Rescue DART delivers a collection of functions and utilities supporting a wide range of activities from quick parking-lot pin drops to enhanced personal Directory structures. We have provided a number of use case presentations on our website.

Key Features:
  • Point, Share and Save remote location identification.
  • 10 character GLEAW Code for more accurate location mapping.
  • Enhanced pin drop statistical accuracy.
  • Utility to Privatize your Destination so that it can be shared securely on public social media.
  • Greatly enhanced home screen with a customizable background picture.
  • One step parking-lot location identification and storage with a lock.
  • Multi-Vendor Maps and Global Earth View support.
  • ‘This Way’ functionality includes automatic on-line or off-line modes including magnetic declination correction.
  • ‘Get GLEAW’ user touch functionally to identify a GLEAW Code for any location globally, with the ability to ‘Jump To’ a completely different global location.
  • Save your GLEAW Codes in the ‘GLEAW Directory’ and group them according to user-defined regions or common themes.
  • Compatibility with 8 characters GLEAW Codes used in GLEAW Mobility mini.
  • GLEAW Code conversions into latitude and longitude or postal addresses and vice versa with the ability to save them in the Directory.
  • Light Controls that include; Emergency SOS Signaling, Flashlight, Blinking Flashlight, White and Red glow lights.
  • ‘Verbal GLEAW’ guidance to communicate location off-line via walkie-talkie or VHF radio in emergencies with the ability to actually speak the phonetic elements of a GLEAW Code.
  • Website developers ‘Web Builder’ kit including licensing and style guide package.
  • ‘Map GLEAW’ and ‘Share’ sub-menus for simplified user flexibility and selection.