Rescue Web


Our Emergency Services web page adds another powerful capability to the GLEAW Technology family of products. With this web page we extend the existing capabilities of our industry innovative and intuitive 'This Way' app functionality. Using our app, or apps developed by others using our technology, emergency providers, as well as loved ones, family members, or friends, can deliver emergency navigation guidance. This guidance is fully capable in modern large cities, and in distant remote locations, anywhere on the globe.

GLEAW Code functionality easily permits the widest possible range of communication methods. Many can use the easy methods of classic or proprietary data communications or text messages. We do that as well. However, GLEAW Code has the UNIQUE CAPABILITY to fully function on the most basic of communicating devices delivering location information on dial-up phones or even the more basic walkie-talkie. This also means emergency VHF radios used by emergency responders are also fully supported.