GLEAW Mobility Mini( Free )


GLEAW Technology is introducing the GLEAW family of mobile navigation apps for Apple and Android portable devices.

Our technology addresses the very basic question of ‘where am I on the planet and how do I get to a unique location’ in very simple terms. We then wrap that method with an easy to use and a wide collection of features and tools for the non-technical user – even if they are on or off the network.

GLEAW mini is our technology introduction product focused on supporting casual travelers and Disaster Services organizations with a cost-free, ad free, and sunset free product that works globally.

A GLEAW Code is a location based ‘word’ that allows the non-technical user to easily apply a GPS location in simple alpha-numeric terms.

GLEAW, pronounced ‘gloo’, is an acronym for Globally Linked Earth And Web which emphasizes our goal of bringing physical locations together with web-based information, no matter its global location. This product delivers 50 foot (15m) resolution and a collection of utilities supporting its target clients and will serve many others. Unlike most navigation tools, GLEAW mini will gracefully degrade as on-line web services disappear but still provide critical direction services completely off-line.

This app will provide the GLEAW Code of your current GPS location, which is WMRBDH88 in the picture. Although it is a GPS location, you can easily communicate it. Use it for:

– Meeting with your family and friends at a specific location (the GLEAW Pro version will allow you to create a GLEAW Code with a privacy offset).

– Providing the specific location that emergency personnel needs to go to.

– Map a route from where you are to another location using its GLEAW Code.

Download the app and be one of the first to understand why the GLEAW Code is the human experience of finding your way.