GLEAW Mobility Pro ( $0.99 - one time only )


GLEAW Pro carries forward location technology introduced in the free GLEAW mini app to another level. GLEAW Pro tightens the resolution to a mere 15 feet (5m) and enhances all on-line and off-line capabilities and accuracy. Your investment in GLEAW Pro is future-proofed when the next generation of GPS satellites arrive providing 3 foot (1m) resolution with that same GLEAW Code. Graceful degrading has been further enhanced as connected services disappear. Our ‘This Way’ function provides accurate direction capabilities even in environments with just a GPS signal and earth’s magnetic field. GLEAW Pro delivers a much-expanded collection of functions and utilities supporting a wide range of activities from quick parking-lot pin drops to enhanced personal Directory structures. Also, we are introducing multiple utilities permitting GLEAW Code use with other systems including postal addressing. We have provided a number of use case presentations on our website.

GLEAW Pro is the platform for many more exciting functions and features in our long roadmap – coming to you as standard free updates.