End User Web Builder Package

Style Guide

  • The web presentation will be in this order: GLEAW logo, GLEAW Code (in required fonts), Application Store reference (see below).
  • The scale of the GLEAW logo will be the height of the GLEAW Code text or slightly larger, no greater that 10% larger. When larger the GLEAW logo must be on center with the text. The spacing between the GLEAW logo and the GLEAW Code text will be no greater 1/2 the logo width.
  • The GLEAW Code text itself must be in all Capital letters and the height of letters and numbers must be identical.
  • The font for the GLEAW Code must be a block type font, with minimal proportional spacing. The letter ‘I’ must have upper and lower bars for clarity, bolding is acceptable. Font examples, Courier, and Verdana.
  • Application Store Reference Statement: “GLEAW Code addresses can be used with the free “GLEAW Mini” app downloaded from your Application Store”.

Recommended Layout:

Approved Logo Image: