Traveling to foreign lands is exciting and challenging. GLEAW Code can make planning, sharing, and communicating simple and effective.

If you work in the tourism industry, you can enhance your web site to aid travelers in their goal of easily reaching your establishment. This can be done by including your location GLEAW Code on your web site.

  • Placement recommended near or below your address or directions.
  • Simply add our logo and your GLEAW Code.
  • All the needed material: logo, sample, style guide, and license can be downloaded from the 'Products' page or from within the device app. itself.
  • No fees or other licenses are required.

Tour providers can develop applications to enhance the tourists’ experience based on location data.

  • • voice narrative that describes what they are seeing.
  • • Trip departure preview.
  • • Narration based on current location in real-time.
  • • Local establishments at tour/cruise stop over locations.
  • • Custom tour for a specific group or organization.
  • • Customized traveler destinations for a particular theme; e.g., foodies, adventure, adrenaline seekers, architecture, unique local experiences, and spooky things.
  • • Travel photo journals based on location to recall your experiences.

Enjoy in safety the “getting lost” experience to explore new paths.